Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Call To Women - Brighten Up Your Ramadhan!


An Invitation to Our 5th Annual Ladies Program 2010
Why is the month of Ramadan so special? Ever wonder how you could make the most out of your Ramadan? What ibadat should we make besides fasting and solat tarawih? Shaitans are chained? Really? But why are we still tempted to sin? Why?

Want to know all these and more… 

Join us this Sunday, July 25th 2010  at : Surau Al Hikmah, Jln SS 18 / 4, Subang Jaya
from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Some refreshments will be served at the end of the program InsyaAllah.
Amongst the brilliant agenda of the day would be.....

* Arabic, English and Malay Nasheeds

* Islamic Talks / Lectures
* Stage Play
* Fiqh masaa'il discussions 
* Quizzes and prize giving.

So for all those and more please be sure to join us at the time and place stated above, bring friends along…the MORE the MERRIER!

For enquiries call: 019-3170255

*Entrance is free*
Just come with an open heart, sincere intention to gain knowledge and to attain the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala!