Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love: I'm In Love

LOVE LOVE AND LOVE! This is the word that most people young or old are uttering nowadays. Do we really know the meaning of love? When girls are small they cry, "Toys, toys!" and when they grow up they cry "Boys, boys!"

Love is a disease that no doctor has found a cure for, but our beloved Creator, Allah Ta'ala says in the Quran, " Tell the believing men to lower their gazes and guard their private parts. This is purer for them.Indeed Allah is acquanted with what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gazes and guard their private parts"

(Surah Noor V:231-232)

It all starts with a look, then a smile, then a word, then a gift, then a meeting and finally and illegitimate child! Half of the population has been infected with this disease or must I say they have been inflicted with a divine punishment. It is said that the condition of the people of Jahannam and the (haraam) lovers are alike. Just as the people of Jahannam will be restless in Hell-Fire,

"They will neither be alive nor dead (in Jahannam)" -Surah A'laa V:13-

so too are the so called lovers. They lose their appetite and sleep. They are restless and uneasy.Infact, they are making themselves the coal of Hell-Fire. Why are we destroying eternel pleasure for a few moments of fake pleasure?

But dear readers and servants of Allah Ta'ala, if you have fallen in the trap of Syaitaan don't think that you are doomed to Hell. Surely our Lord Allah is the Most Forgiving and Most Merciful! If we sin and continue sinning but then we repent sincerely, Allah Ta'laa shall forgive us and He won't mind to do so. Don't lose hope in the mercy of ALLAH.

It is never too late. Our Lord Allah is waiting for us to turn towards Him. Let us repent!

Just sit and think....The one whose face is admired so much today, is the face that will be like a geographical map tomorrow. Today we have made our heart a corpse by placing a corpse in it. If we can love the creation unlimitedly, so why not the Creator? The one who created you, me and everyone else.

Small advice for everyone:
If you desire to go towrds the garden (of eternity - Jannat) ,
then take provision the protection of your gaze"

Jannat is 2 steps ahead. The first is on your desire (nafs) and the second is in Jannat!

Remember Allah enters a desolate broken heart and he floods it with happiness. If we think about our old age, we will not give our heart to anyone but to the Creator of our heart. Remember, death comes without knocking. So.....

Don't destroy your life on the sandy body of someone..
Sacrifice your youth for the One who gave you youth....
And I'm explaining this not to anyone but the heart....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wudhu 24 Jam

7 Benefits of Staying in The State Of Wudhu' At All Times.

Imam Ahmad Raza Khan says, 'Some *A'rifin (Gnostics) have said that any one who stays in a state of wudhu at all times will be awarded 7 benefits by Allah :-

(1) Angels will desire to be in his company.
(2) The pen will constantly write virtuous deeds for him.
(3) His limbs will praise Allah .
(4) He will never miss his takbeer oola (first takbeer of Salaah).
(5) When he sleeps Allah will send Angels to protect him from the evil of jinn and humans.
(6) He will die an easy death.
(7) He will remain in the protection of Allah for as long as he is in this state.

Selain daripada faedah-faedah kat atas tu, ada lagi faedah yang lain....Antaranya, orang yang sentaiasa dalam keadaan berwudhu, kalau meninggal dunia, dia adalah seperti seorang yang mati syahid. (Pahala orang mati syahid ialah, sebelum titik darah pertama jatuh ke tanah, Allah dah ampunkan segala dosanya)

Then, ada lagi. Kalau seseorang tu tidur dengan wudhu, maka pahala yang dia akan dapat adalah pahala orang yang beribadah sambil berpuasa.
MasyaAllah! Tak puasa pun boleh dapat pahala puasa dengan berwudhu sahaja. Dah wudhu , dapat tidur pulak tu, senang sangat2.
Lagi satu, bila kita ambil wudhu, jangan lupa mulakan wudhu kita dengan lafaz Bismillah. Sebab bila kita baca bismillah, ianya akan bersihkan seluruh badan kita,dari hujung rambut hingga hujung jari kaki. Sebaliknya, kalau kita tak baca, wudhu tu akan bersihkan anggota2 wudhu yang kita basuh sahaja.

* Aarifeen - Orang2 yang sangat alim, yang dah sampai ke tahap makfirat Allah yang tinggi.

Lagi, ada satu cerita tentang Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam madzhab Hanafi yang boleh nampak dosa yang keluar dari anggota2 bila seseorang tu ambil air sembahyang. Here goes the story.....

Allamah Abdul Wahhab Sha'rani says that once ImamAbu Hanifa RH was in the wudhu area of the Jami' Masjid in Kufa and saw a young man performing wudhu. Drops of water were dripping from his body, the Imam said, 'Son! Repent from disobeying your parents', the young man instantly replied, 'I repent'. The Imam then saw drops of water dripping from the body of another man and said, 'Brother! Repent from adultery', the man replied, 'I repent'. The Imam then saw drops of water dripping from the body of a third person and said, 'Repent from consuming alcohol and listening to music', he replied, 'I repent'. Sayyiduna Imam Abu Hanifa had been given the power of kashf (spiritual insight) and was able to see the faults of people but he asked Allah to take this power away from him. Allah accepted his request, and from then on he could no longer see the sins of people during wudhu.

Because bila kita wudhu, dosa kita diampunkan, so lets try and perfect our wudhu. Just think about our sins being wiped out from our limb. Dont rush when performing wudhu' rather take time in doing it.

I'm going to sleep now, but b4 that, Wudhu!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Role Model For Every One In Every Situation

The Role Model For Every One In Every Situation

When becoming humiliated,
Remember the Prophet SAW in Taif.

When being starved,

Remember the Prophet SAW tying two stones to his stomach in the battle of Khandaq.

When becoming angry,
Remember the Prophet SAW 's control of anger on the martyrdom of his beloved Uncle Hamzah.

When losing a tooth,
Remember the Prophet SAW 's tooth in the battle of Uhud.

When bleeding from any part of the body,
( pics pertaining to this are quite scary, so i decide not to put any)
Remember the Prophet SAW 's body covered in blood on his return from Taif.

When feeling lonely,

Remember the Prophet SAW 's seclusion in Mount Hira .

When feeling tired in Salaat,

Remember the swollen feet of the Prophet SAW in Tahajjud.

Semua perkara ni jadi pada kita. Sebab ni adalah lumrah hidup. Kita semua manusia yang menjalani kehidupan setiap hari. Dalam kita bersuka ria, pasti ada suatu hari yg kita berasa sebaliknya.
Kadang-kadang kita bangun tidur dengan semangat yg berkobar-kobar, sampai kelas atau pejabat, ada pula insan yang mencabat kesabaran kita.
We start our day nicely, but it didnt end the same way. So, thats y when anything bad happen, remember these words. For Nabi saw is our role model in every situation!

Ilalliqa' semua!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Etiquettes of Students

If you are a student, then you should observe the praiseworthy rules of a student's dealing with a learned man. These rules are:

  1. to greet the learned man first
  2. to speak little in his presence
  3. not to speak much so long as his teacher does not ask him anything
  4. not to ask him questions before receiving his permission
  5. not to say, by the way of objection to his words, "So-and-so said contrary to what you have said."
  6. not to argue against his opinion in such a way as to show that he knows the truth than his teacher
  7. not to argue against his companions in his meetings
  8. not to look around but to sit with downcast eyes, quietly and courteously as if he were engaged in ritual prayer
  9. not to speak to him much when he is tired
  10. not to follow him speaking and questioning and asking him questions along the street until reaches home
  11. not to imagine evil of him in regard to those of his actions which appear abominable. The teacher knows better concerning his secret affairs
  12. When some actions of the teacher appear abominable, the student should recollect the complaint made by the prophet Moses to Al-Khidr (may peace be on them both):
    "Have you made a hole in the boat to drown the people in it? You have indeed, done a strange thing"(Qur�an 18:71)
    In fact Prophet Moses was wrong in his complaint, which he made relying upon the outward appearance (of what al- Khidr did).

From The beginning of Guidance (bidayat al-hidaya) p. 77 from Imam Ghazali translated by Mashhad Al-Allaf

Monday, June 8, 2009

UNIC & In-Team - Kemuliaan Ramadhan


Kita masih lagi dalam bulan Jun.. 2 months away from the blessed month of Ramadhan.
Sekarang ni tgh cari artikel, nasyid, cerita and dll tentang bulan Ramadhan..Kenapa?
Seminggu sebelum bulan puasa nnt kami akan ada program untuk muslimat sempena menyambut kedatangan bulan berkat ni. We r on holiday now, so perfect time to organise and get everything in order i guess. Preparation takes time.. we know that right?

So....when i was googling for ALL kind of Ramadhan nasyid, i found this, not out dated, but..little old nasyid on You Tube. I was looking for an arabic or english one actually.... i found this one instead. So glad though, it's very nice MasyaAllah! Love it! Well, pd diri sendiri best la, coz Alhamdulillah, background dia masih lagi gendang( dan dll ) @ halal instruments, and i love this kind of nasyid. (can say i'm bit old fashion but i still like)

Anyway, obviously u can find it on You Tube, but I'm just posting it here coz i wanna share with everyone who like nasyid too.

To anyone listening to the nasyid, dont forget to ponder over the words of it. That's what makes it good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Either Way You Regret!

Once, a group of people were travelling on rocks at night. A voice came from the sky that whosoever picks up the rocks will regret and whosoever doesn't pick up the rocks will regret.
Now, the people were confused. How can this be? Whether you pick up the rocks or not, you will regret! Anyway, some people picked up the rocks and some didn't. In the morning when they reached their homes, they saw that the rocks turned into diamonds.
Now, those people who didn't pick up the rocks started regretting saying "If only we had picked up some rocks. Those people who did pick some rocks also started regretting saying "Why didn't we pick up more rocks?" Both sides eventually ended up regretting.
Dear Muslims, this same incident will take place with us on the Day of Judgement. Those people who spent their time in useless things will start regretting by looking at those who achieved a great position in Paradise by spending their time in the way of Allah. Now, those who did achieve a position in Paradise will start regretting by looking at those who did more than them and are higher in status.
"Alas! If we had only done more to please Allah."