Monday, June 8, 2009

UNIC & In-Team - Kemuliaan Ramadhan


Kita masih lagi dalam bulan Jun.. 2 months away from the blessed month of Ramadhan.
Sekarang ni tgh cari artikel, nasyid, cerita and dll tentang bulan Ramadhan..Kenapa?
Seminggu sebelum bulan puasa nnt kami akan ada program untuk muslimat sempena menyambut kedatangan bulan berkat ni. We r on holiday now, so perfect time to organise and get everything in order i guess. Preparation takes time.. we know that right?

So....when i was googling for ALL kind of Ramadhan nasyid, i found this, not out dated, but..little old nasyid on You Tube. I was looking for an arabic or english one actually.... i found this one instead. So glad though, it's very nice MasyaAllah! Love it! Well, pd diri sendiri best la, coz Alhamdulillah, background dia masih lagi gendang( dan dll ) @ halal instruments, and i love this kind of nasyid. (can say i'm bit old fashion but i still like)

Anyway, obviously u can find it on You Tube, but I'm just posting it here coz i wanna share with everyone who like nasyid too.

To anyone listening to the nasyid, dont forget to ponder over the words of it. That's what makes it good.

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