Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Great Website Found!

Alhamdulillah, I have just found a new website today. And it's great! Why?

1- You can listen/download audio lectures by scholars of Islam from countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and many more.

2- Downloadable Islamic reading materials on various topics. (PDF format)

3- Quran Tilawah by amazing selected reciters from all around the world!

So, better check it out yourself, InsyaAllah there's a lot to gain from the website and I'll put the link on the side of the blog for time to time reference...

Unto Allah alone we place our trust and from Him alone do we seek assistance and guidance, amin.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jakim boleh percaya ke tidak?

Assalamualaikum Dear Readers
Sekarang ni tengah research about Halal food, restaurants etc.... I'm becoming more and more doubtful with regard to the matter now... Coz, dalam surat khabar keluar pasal restaurant guna sijil halal palsu, ada restaurant yang kena tangkap sembelih ayam tak betul (guna orang bukan Islam) dan banyak lagi isu halal yg masih tak jelas bagi saya.
So, inilah antara banyak websites yg ana tgh selidik sekarang ni: 

2)  HDC
3)  Halalgov (part of jakim juga)

Bagusnya kalau boleh kongsi maklumat tentang makanan/produk2 halal dengan bloggers yg lain.... Coz Malaysian Muslims don't seemed to pay much heed to issues like this by saying... 
"Selagi tak was was boleh makan kan...?"
" Ada tanda halal ape..."
"Kalau logo halal tu palsu, orang kedai la yg dosa, sape suruh letak logo palsu?"
Makanan kalau tak halal, Allah tak terima doa, walhal setiap hari kita doa pada Allah, mungkin satu hari tu kita dalam kesusahan, kita doa, tapi doa tak makbul sebab makanan yg kita makan tak halal. Banyak makanan yg syubhah sekarang ni,macam isu mee segera Indomie yang guna logo halal buatan sendiri, tak diiktiraf oleh JAKIM, kat Penang restaurant guna sijil halal palsu, KFC and Mc'Donald punya isu tak habis-habis......Yg ana nampak is orang Melayu, Islam yg ramai makan lunch kat tempat2 tu.
Lagi satu yg ana ragu2 is King Confectionery. Ada logo/sijil halal, tapi tulisan cina pun ada sama. Now? Macam mana?  Personally I think that I need to be careful with Jakim for the time being, until I'm done with the research maybe....
Just to show you the comparison between Malaysia's halal department/organization with South Africa's.Masa kami belajar dekat sana, nak makan fast food like pizzas ke, burgers ke, ice cream ke.... we look for the halal logo which is called SANHA. Kalau ada logo ni, then InsyaAllah boleh makan. This link should take you to the list of halal restaurants, certified by Sanha through out the region.
This is by the way....cuba baca ni:

A Brief Overview of Requirements

A memorandum of Agreement shall be entered into between SANHA and the Franchisor which shall include but not be limited to the following:
  • Halaal storeowners must be Muslim.
  • In the event of Central Kitchen Supply, all raw materials, ingredients, etc. must conform to SANHA requirements. All incoming and outgoing items be scrutinised and approved by SANHA Muslim supervisor(s) who shall be directly responsible for monitoring and control of the Kitchen on a daily basis.
  • In the event of private purchases by stores, this will be permitted only from suppliers who have been explicitly approved by SANHA.
  • No non-Halaal item and/or alcohol shall be allowed on the premises at any given time.
  • All stores, which desire Halaal status, shall apply to SANHA for Halaal certification. A formal Memorandum of Agreement shall be entered into between the parties detailing Halaal procedures and requirements.
  • No duplication of Halaal certification shall be allowed.
  • All promotional products and/or new menu items shall be approved in writing by SANHA prior to any advertisement, launch or introduction. Any such change to be communicated to SANHA atleast 30 working days prior to effecting such change.
  • Halaal stores which are not operated by Muslim owners shall appoint permanent Muslim supervisors to cover the different shifts, who shall carry out the required religious supervision on the premises as outlined by SANHA.
  • Staff shall not be allowed to bring their own food onto the premises.
  • Monthly inspections shall be conducted at all Halaal-certified stores and also to the suppliers of raw materials, ingredients, sauces, etc. All costs incurred for these inspections shall be borne by the Licensee.

    So, we as Muslims, should be concerned about the things we consume daily... 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Special : The Red Heart

* This story may be a little long to some, but please do take time to read till the end. InsyaAllah, you'll lose nothing.... Jazakillah.

          The Red Heart                 
It could have been the splash of red or the overabundance of hearts or the young man in a designer jeans that caught his eye, but Sheikh Hamaad stopped under the bold “Valentine’s day Specials” banner, set his shopping basket on the floor and watched the young man battling to select an appropriate gift from the heaps of hearts, teddy bears and chocolates. Like a busy humming bird he flitted from shelf to shelf struggling to choose.
Sheikh Hamaad approached him as he stood scratching his head, “Asalaamu Alaikum, young man, seems like you’re battling to make a choice.”
“Eish, Moulana, this is more difficult than I though. And lucky I only have to choose for two of them,” he said, picking up another heart decorated teddy bear, examining the price and putting down with disappointment.
“For your sisters?” Sheik asked, feigning innocence.
“Naah, just friends, you know how it is. You have to do these things” came the prompt reply.
Sheikh Hamaad remained silent and fixed his gentle gaze on the young man, something more than the loud Billabong T-shirt and hipster jeans told him that this young man had more than a spark of intelligence.
 “Tell me, how many Valentine’s gifts do your sisters receive?”
“Hey, hey.... Moulana my sisters are not like that. They don’t do this boyfriend thing. My sisters...they are pure,” exclaimed the young man an angry frown crossing his face. “Just let the guy try and send my sisters one flower and I’ll make him eat it. You don’t know me!”
“Oh,” said Sheikh Hamaad without any apology, “And your mother, how many Valentine’s gifts does she get?”
The young man took a step back and glared at Sheikh Hamaad, “La howla wa....” his words swallowed by his anger, “how can you even say such things about my mother? My mother, she doesn’t do this stuff. She is like an angel. She is pure. How can you say this?”
Sheikh paused, waiting for the silence to absorb the boy’s anger, then said, tauntingly, “So they don’t receive any Valentine’s gifts or have boyfriend’s at all.”
“I told you, Moulana, my family is pure and they don’t do this junk stuff.”
Knowing the moment was right Sheikh but forward his reasoning, “So you really don’t like your sisters receiving these gifts or having boyfriends.”
“No ways,” came the emphatic reply, “not on my life”
“Then don’t you think,” Sheikh ventured, “that other people would also not like their sisters, mothers or aunts to receive such gifts. Just as you would like your sisters to remain pure, they would also like their sisters to be pure?”
The young man dropped his head and shifted his feet nervously, “You have a point, Moulana. Didn’t ever think of it like that. I don’t want to say...but you are right. I shouldn’t be polluting other people’s family if I don’t like my family to be polluted. This is all quite wrong isn’t it?”
“Yes, it’s quite wrong,” without a hint of reprimand in his voice, “this is not our way.”
“But,” he asked, trying to conceal his embarrassment, “It’s not like we doing anything serious. I mean it’s only a gift. Not like we doing something it should be ok, no?”
Without disturbing his calmness, Sheikh Hamaad replied, “Do you like to go fishing?”
“Now you talking my language. Not a Sunday, not one, that we are not by the dam,” he replied his hands waving with excitement, “We sit the whole day,  me and my buddies. First we prime the place with milie bombs. Just so the fish know we're there. And they come, Moulana. They come for the bait. The whole lot, man....curpe, bass, barbell, you name it. But what’s that to do with buying gifts?"
“When Shaytaan wants to trap someone,” Sheikh replied serenely, “he first puts some bait. Innocent stuff like gifts, the odd sms, just a hello and then when the time is right ....he will strike and how you fall hook, line and sinker. Then he’s got you and it’s not long before he reels you in. So it starts with just a little bait. Just like the little gift that seems so innocent – it’s the bait.”
The young man beamed with this new found revelation and couldn’t wait to ask, “You are so right! And you have an amazing way of getting a point across Moulana, you didn’t just lecture me but you showed me how it is wrong. Thanks a milion. You must have learnt from a great teacher?”
“No doubt, I learnt from the best of all teachers,” Sheikh answered, “In fact, the best of all mankind...The Noblest Messenger of Allah- Rasulallah sallahu alaihi wa salam”