Friday, March 19, 2010

Allah is really really great! (life experience)


Before I went to South Africa for my Islamic studies, I was studying in one of the boarding highschools in Shah Alam.  Like any other highschool student, I also have my own past, my own memories..some are sweet and some aren't and I still quite remember every little thing I did in that school.

When I was in Form 1, I can say that I was quite innocent. Well, most of us were. Coz we were only 13 at that time. I enjoyed everyday's life there, friends, studies, sports, competitions, club activitties, co-curriculums etc. Then, after a year, I had to leave. It was actually because of the promise I made to my dad that I would go to South Africa to study. So I left.

In the beginning, I used to miss everything about my school especially my friends. So, I wrote letters every now and then, phoned them when I came back for holidays and also visit them at school. Our friendship was strong then. But later, it started weakening. Everytime I phoned them, I can feel the distance and there was ackwardness between us. Why?

In the Madrasah that I was studying, we learned that boys and girls should not mingle with each other freely, we shouldn't talk to them unless necessary,and to have relationship with boys is totally against the Islamic teachings. All our ustadz said that we must try and give Da'wah to our friends as much as possible. So I was always trying to do that whenever I speak to them. But all they talk was about BOYS and CELLPHONES. At that very moment I thought " We are not at the same level anymore". However, I maintained good relationship with them for several months, then after their PMR  and SPM though everything stopped, the memories stayed embedded in my mind. I was busy myself, and I'm sure they were too.

It's been 7 years since then, and now through Facebook (though i'm not a fan), I found most of them there. What can I say?

People DO change! It's okay to change if it's towards the better, but if it's from observing scarf to dispalying the hair, from songkok and kopiah on the head to a more-up-to date hair styles, from wearing baju melayu to stylish shirts and from baju kurung to short sleeves tops and pants?! Why do we change that way? We are Muslims, what is our identity?

When i ponder and reflects on my own condition,to Allah alone belongs all the gratitutes. I never thought that one day I'd be teaching in a madrasah, wearing a black jubah and observing purdah. This has never come across my mind before.I've always wanted to be a scientist, but now, I want to be a true muslimah and mu'minah and strive in the path of Allah and Islam.(though I still have a long way to go..) How Allah has changed my path of life! I don't know what would have become of me if I continued studying there, and where would have I been after my SPM.....But one thing I do know is, that if I have stayed in highschool then, I could not have learned my Deen. It is Allah alone who knows what's best for His servants. Allah is really really great!


Yuana said...

t,People DO change, and ive seen a lot of my friends have changed, worst.

im qouting ur sentences

It's been 7 years since then, and now through Facebook (though i'm not a fan), I found most of them there. What can I say?

How do u find facebook advantageous? ziarah

Itminaan90 said...


Firstly, I thanked you for your comment and question.

Like how most of the people claimed: Facebook has it's advantages and disadvantages. But my humble opinion is that the evils overpower the benefits, therefore it's not an advantage to me.

I used to have a FB account. At that time I didn't know what it was, and how it actually works. Then I kept receiving friend requests. Though they were from collegues and friends I knew, but somehow they have connections with males(strangers), and I didn't like it. The reasons are like I said before (in the entry). So I posted something like this on my wall "I won't accept any invitation if it will link me to non-mahram males". But it was ignored, and I was still getting requests. So I decided to withdraw myself from it (delete account).

Other than posting unimportant stuff on each others walls, posting self-conceited photos of ourselves (why do we need to do that?), leaving unnecessary comments like "poyo la ko" and gathering friends just for the sake of 'being there' when we hardly even interact with them, I cannot find any other use of Facebook. Yeah, I can find some old friends, but what's the point? I will just feel very sad when I see how my own friends are drifting away from the true Islamic values?

It's like wine. Though there's some benefit in it, but the harm overpowers it. Due to which wine is prohibited in Islam (I'm not saying Facebook is haram).

Sahabat yg sebenar ialah dia yang membawa kepada Allah dan kebenaran serta menegur kesalahan kita supaya kita dpt perbaiki diri.

Allah knows best.

Itminaan90 said...

* colleagues

Yuana said...

Im not saying that i disagree with ur points, but u have ur right to say like that, because the way we understand something are different.

im so happy to have this oppurtinity, to learn how certain people look at certain things,


Me myself think that my position in FB as the aim untuk amar makruf nahi mungkar, as long it doesnt bring me into lagha... and till now,

honestly admitting to u that, im satisfied 'able to do somthing' when see my old friends, in FB.

Im using FB to promote Islam.

about the linkage with non mahram, this is still looking 4ward on how to handle this

as sometimes when i posted in my wall, non mahram will give their responce, and there is chatting and discussion...

What is ur opinion, again?

Thanks - jemput ziarah

Itminaan90 said...

"As sometimes when i posted in my wall, non mahram will give their response, and there is chatting and discussion...

I have answers in my mind, but I'm not sure of how to explain this properly. One thing I can say is, we might start off with discussions about Islam, but later, syaitan will drive us away from our original intention and we will fall into syaitan's trap.

Tujuan utama ana ada blog ni ialah untuk jadikan ia tempat simpanan artikel2 islamiah dan ilmiah dan juga reference to other reliable islamic websites. Siapa baca,Alhamdulillah ana persilakan. Automatically, ia akan menjadi satu medium da'wah. Dan yg penting ialah ana sendiri dapat manfaat InsyaAllah.

Dengan blog, ana berusaha untuk capai tujuan ana. Jadi mengapa perlu ana ke Facebook dimana ana akan dikelilingi oleh banyak lagi perangkap2 syaitan? If I want, i can also spread Islam at Facebook like how I'm doing here, but i'm afraid that i would be badly harmed myself instead of benefiting others.

My actual reason of staying away from Facebook is to save myself from so much of fitnahs and that includes chatting n discussing with non-mahrams.

Allah knows best.

Yuana said...

thanks 4 sharing, and i understands ur points,

tq again.
Semoga Allah memberi rahmatNya kepadamu, ameen, Jzkillah ukhti