Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

An old man was sitting with his 25 year old son in the train. The train was about to leave the station. All passengers were settling down in their seats. As the train started, the young man was filled with lots of joy and curiosity he was sitting on the window side..He put out one hand feeling the passing air, he shouted, "papa! See all the trees! They're going behind". The old man smiled and admired his son's feelings.

Beside the young man was one couple, sitting and listening to the conversation between father and son. They were a little awkward with the attitude of the 25 yr old behaving like a small child. Suddenly the young man shouted again, "Papa see the ponds, see the animals!! The clouds are moving with the train!!"

The couple were watching the young man embarrassingly. Now it started raining and some water fell on his hand.. again he shouted, "Papa!! The rain is touching my hand!! See Papa!"  The couple couldn't take it anymore and asked the old man, "why don't you take your son to the doctor and get treatment for your son??" The old man said, "We are coming from the hospital, my son got his eyesight for the first time."




Yuana said...

sedih ana baca...ada lagi yg lain? :p

Itminaan90 said...

Jazakillah, dtg singgah...

Lagi? InsyaAllah, kalau ana dapat lagi, ana post di sini.

Yuana said...


terima kasih

Safi ArRahman said...

MasyaAllah, moga kita sentiasa menjadi 'abdan syakura (hamba yang bersyukur)

btw, is it a true story??

Itminaan said...

I guess it could be a true story.