Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jika bertengkar........

Rabi'ah Aslami r.a. telah bercerita : "Pada suatu hari aku telah bertengkar dengan Abu Bakar (radhiallahu anh). Semasa pertengkaran itu berlaku, dia mengeluarkan sepatah kata kesat kepada aku. Dengan serta-merta dia telah menyedari kesilapannya lalu berkata: "Wahai saudara, gunakanlah perkataan itu terhadapku sebagai tindakan balas." Aku enggan berbuat demikian. Dia menggesaku supaya menggunakan perkataan kesat itu dan berkata hendak merujuk kepada Nabi SAW. Aku tidak juga mahu mengalah. Dia pun bangun meninggalkan aku. Beberapa orang dari ahli puakku yang menyaksikan peristiwa tadi mencemuh: "Ganjil betul orang ini; dia yang melakukan kesalahan dan dia pula mengancam hendak mengadukan kepada Nabi SAW." Dengan segera aku menyampuk: "Kamu tahu siapakah dia? Dia adalah Abu Bakar. Menyinggungnya bererti menyinggung Nabi dan menyinggung Nabi bererti menyinggung Allah. Kalau perbuatanku menyinggung Allah, siapakah yang akan menyelamatkan aku?" Aku pun bangun lantas pergi mendapatkan Nabi SAW, kepadanya aku bercerita apa yang telah berlaku. Baginda SAW berkata:" Keenggananmu mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat itu sudah kena pada tempatnya. Tetapi untuk mengurangkan penderitaan batinnya (Abu Bakar), sekurang-kurangnya kamu berkatalah: "Semoga Allah mengampunimu, hai Abu Bakar."

*InsyaAllah, bila hati saya sendiri tenang, saya akan buat ulasan tentang cerita ini...Sekarang fikiran tengah bercelaru dan perasaan tak teratur, nanti ayat semua jadi berterabur...By the way, all credit to: TAZKIRAH-Contoh Taqwa Abu Bakar (Radhiallahu anhu)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Suatu Kekalahan - Festival Tak Jadi

Malam tadi lepas saya log out dari account Hotmail saya, tajuk berita di homepage MSN membuatkan mata saya yang hampir terkatup terbuka luas. Malaysia Police Ban Gay Festival! Macam tak pecaya saja, tetapi Alhamdulillah, I felt very happy at that moment.
Bacalah berita selanjutnya...

"Deputy national police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said the decision to halt the three-year-old "Seksualiti Merdeka" (Sexuality Freedom) festival set for November 9-13 came after Muslims called for it to be banned.
"Police will take action... to prevent any function relating to the programme," Khalid was quoted as saying by the national Bernama news agency.
He said Muslim and other groups had protested that "the programme could create disharmony, enmity and disturb public order."
A senior police official confirmed the decision to AFP.
Festival organiser Pang Khee Pik said the announcement marked a "very tragic day for Malaysia."
"We are aware that homophobic polices in Malaysia are not isolated, but (the police decision) is a symptom of a systemic breakdown in human rights in the country," he told AFP.
Pang said 1,500 people attended the event last year and organisers had expected that to double this year.
He said the "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Malaysia are tired of having our rights continually taken away from us. We are tired of being bullied, harassed, persecuted and put in jail for who we are."
Pang added the festival was "likely to be cancelled and we will have to re-strategise."
The police decision came after rising pressure from Muslims, with one Islamic group threatening to protest on Friday.
Homosexuality remains a taboo subject in Muslim-majority Malaysia, where sodomy is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.
Last week, members of the conservative opposition Islamic party PAS called for a concert later this month by British superstar Elton John to be banned.
They said the openly gay singer promotes "hedonism" and that his sexual orientation would corrupt Muslims.
Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was quoted earlier Thursday by Bernama as calling the gay-rights festival "immoral."
"Any activity that does not benefit the majority of Malaysians should not be carried out. It's a waste of time, although they can say it's their own right and freedom," he said.
"That's why to me, it (the festival) is totally unsuitable and I don't know its benefits. I don't understand why they carry out such promotions. Is there any political agenda behind it?"
Past festivals have included a mix of gay-themed film screenings, concerts, discussion forums on homosexual issues, and other events.
The police ban on the festival comes after Prime Minister Najib Razak -- who is expected to call fresh polls within months -- in September announced plans to expand civil liberties and break with the country's authoritarian past."
Syabas dan tahniah kepada polis Malaysia atas usaha kalian. Ini adalah kemenangan sesuatu kebenaran ke atas sesuatu kebatilan. Walaupun begitu, kita masih perlu berusaha dengan lebih gigih dalam menyedarkan golongan seperti ini. Marilah kita lihat beberapa langkah yang boleh dipraktiskan bagi merawat Iman yang sakit disebabkan oleh penyakit 'gayness' ini. 
1. Strengthening his Imaan (faith), by encouraging him to do i'badaat (acts of worship) and avoid evil deeds.
2. Instilling the love of Allaah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in his heart. 

3. Teaching him the meaning of love for the sake of Allaah. Love a person for his  faith and acts of obedience, not for his appearance, image or status.  

4. Should not make contact repeatedly or to visit frequently; explaining to him that if a legitimate  relationship (halal relationship such as brotherly love and kindness between friends) transgresses the limits it becomes haraam and must be stopped. 

5. When meeting, not allowing him to look continuously, embrace or kiss. 

6. Giving him academic or da’wah-related tasks to do, such as collecting evidence on a certain issue, or summarizing a book, or listening to tapes, or doing da’wah-related activities such as calling people to Islam, distributing pamphlets and tapes, and other things which will fill his time with beneficial acts of worship and permissible activities. 
Artikel penuh di sini :

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Possible Reasons for Turning Gay

Today I was checking up Hukum Tepuk Tangan, and I accidentally stumbled on something disturbing. Some people are organizing a festival called Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 which will be held on 1 Nov-13 Nov 2011. Shocked, upset, puzzled and now concerned about this matter. Saya dapat rasakan bahaya yang sangat dasyat sedang  melanda kita semua di Malaysia. As a Muslim, Malay and living in the country where all these are happening, I felt responsible. If Allah sends punishment, who can guarantee that you and I are going to be safe from it? Minta Allah jauhkan. Let's ponder over these possible reasons which lead men to turn g**. As for he who wants to save himself from this situation should examine these causes and rid himself of them. Refer to detailed advice/consultation here:

These reasons are;
1- Weakness of Imaan and remoteness of the heart from love of Allaah, and a lack of fear of His punishment.
2- Looking freely at beardless youths, and enjoying their beauty and form.
3- Not fulfilling the obligatory acts of worships (5 times daily solah, Jum'ah prayer, fasting etc)
4- Forsaking the Qur’aan and failing to read books about the lives of righteous men.
5- Falling short in seeking knowledge of Islam.
6- A lot of spare time in their lives. 
If they kept themselves busy with acts of worship, sport, permissible actions and seeking knowledge, they would not have time to spend in thinking of haraam things, let alone doing them.
7- Making friends and keeping company with bad people.

One of the gravest mistakes is to think that there is no remedy for this disease, and that the homosexual can never become straight. Allaah told the people of Loot to repent, and the Prophet of Allaah Loot (peace be upon him) advised and invited them to give up their perversion. Allaah is the Creator of man, and He knows what can be changed in man and what cannot, so have more trust in Allah and sincerely ask Him for help.

*This topic is quite 'heavy' for myself, but there's still one more thing I need to share. It's about the remedies for this matter. Percayalah, tiada penyakit yang tiada ubatnya.