Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My heart is blind and my mouth is dry,

My eyes are poisoned; I can't seem to cry;

O Allah! I ask thee for a new heart,

All I am asking for, is a fresh start.

I hate it when I can't remember you when I pray,

So guide me to the right path, and save me from astray.


Yuana said...

How r u doing over there?
Mansourah is fine?
My pray for all of u. hope everyone are safe

Itminaan said...

I was just wondering, what's Mansourah?

Yuana said...

eh,i tot u re studying in mEsir. Maybe i was mistaken :p

Itminaan said...

Owh, i c...sorry if i have caused you to misunderstand something. I studied in South Africa, and currently teaching in Malaysia.