Monday, October 31, 2011

What is life all about?

When I woke up this morning, I asked myself, “What is life all about?”
I found the answer in my room. The fan said, “BE COOL.” The ceiling said, “AIM HIGH”. The window said, “SEE THE WORLD!” The clock said “EVERY MINUTE IS PRECIOUS.” The mirror said “REFLECT BEFORE YOU ACT.” The calendar said “BE UP TO DATE.” The door said “PUSH HARD FOR YOUR GOALS.” The floor said, “KNEEL DOWN AND PRAY!

Life is about controlling your temperament. So getting angry too easily is not a good idea. Be cool, be more understanding. Over look people’s mistakes and help each other to improve. There’s always a solution to a problem. So don’t make it a big thing!

Life is about aiming high. Learn from people who are successful. You wanna ace in your exam, learn from those who have aced the exam before. And more importantly, you wanna ace your Akhirah life, you’ve gotta read more stories of the pious because they have aced their life of Akhirat!

Tick tock tick tock and every minute is precious. When you feel bored, instead of thinking of what you can do to ‘kill’ some time, why not read 1 SUBHANALLAH while playing football? Your garden (Jannah) will be decorated with 1 tree InsyaAllah. Or maybe LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH while jogging? Your sin is forgiven with every step you take. After all, you are a Muslim athletic person right? 

Now girls....Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who’s the prettiest of all?! Give some attention to your internal beauty while you care for your external beauty. Have good character with parents, siblings, friends and co-workers means no BENCI, no DENGKI, no BALAS DENDAM, no MENGUMPAT and lots more!

Nokia N9? iPad 2 ? Samsung Galaxy tablet? Be up to date with the latest gadgets, fashion and music trends? Don’t worry about that so much people, those things get out-dated too quickly. Rather up date yourself with knowledge and ‘amal’ (practice). Are you still repeating the 4 QULS (Surah Ikhlas, Falaq, Naas, and Kaafirun) in 5 times Solah? Whoa….that’s so out dated!

Alright, you want to memorize few more Surahs? Now push hard for your goal. Learn 1 new surah every week, or if you can’t do that, memorize 1 surah in one month. Come on, we have 12 months in a year. If you are consistent, you’ll know 12 new surah every year, Subhanallah. This is not just a wishful thinking. Try and you’ll see the result.

Nothing is ever too hard when we ask help from Allah the Al-Mighty and Powerful. He will make impossible things become possible and unimaginable conditions become reality.  So KNEEL DOWN AND PRAY to Allah and sincerely ask HIM to help us in every aspect of our sweet and sour life!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muslim Home- Assisting with house chores

Many men are reluctant in helping around in the house. In-fact many people feel that they will lose their status as men by sweeping, washing dishes, doing laundry etc. However the practice of Rasulullah was contrary to this. The beloved wife, Aishah (r.a) narrated that “Rasulullah used to assist in household chores and when the time for salaah would approach, he would leave immediately for salaah.”
Aishah (r.a) was once asked, “What work did Rasulullah do while at home?” She replied, “Rasulullah was a man among men. He would clean his own clothes, milk the goats and take care of himself.”
If all men of today follow this wonderful example, we will also reap the following benefits;
1. We will be fulfilling a beautiful sunnah of Rasulullah S.A.W
2. We will be of great help to our families at home.
3. Humility will develop in us.

4. The bond between husband and wife strengthened. 
5. Loving and caring environment in one's home.
Why not start with these simple tasks?
1. Setting and clearing of the table/sufrah/dastarkhan for meals.
2. Washing dishes or at least your own plate
3. Putting away the ironing. 
4. Helping with the children like getting them dressed when you're not working)
5. Making the bed after sleeping.
6. Helping the children with their homework.
7. Light maintenance work at home e.g. changing light bulbs, tab washer, etc.
Men shouldn't have a very demanding nature. Instead of assisting with the children and household work, they demand attention for themselves. Yes, that is your right, but Rasulullah taught us the 'give and take' rule.This sunnah is in-fact a prescription to cure many of the ills which are so common in marriages today.
Lifestyle of the pious - Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (RA);
He once said, “This is something that I don’t wish to mention, but due to necessity I am saying it. If you wish you can find out from my wife how I conduct myself with her at home and what service I take from her. Al-hamdulillah neither am I restricted, nor do I restrict anyone else. In this way, one lives like a king.”
It is always my practice that when I go home to eat and if there isn’t any fresh bread that has been baked then I eat the bread which was left over from the previous day. Most of the time when I arrive home and I see my wife engaged in some household work, I take the bread myself, fill the container with water, dish out the curry from the pot and sit down to eat. Actually if I see that she is busy cooking and she needs anything at that time, for example she needs water for cooking, I will fetch the water for her from the water pump and first give it to her.
If I see that she is not busy doing any work then I will ask her to serve me. It is very important to be considerate in these aspects. After all, she also is a human being. It is not possible for her temperament to remain the same all the time. Even a servant feels lethargic at times.
I do lots of work on my own and I don’t regard it as a burden. If she wants to be of any service to me, I allow her and I feel comforted that she is serving me. She also feels at ease when I am at ease. At nights I sleep very little but when I see my wife fast asleep, I thank Allah Ta’ala that she sleeps so well otherwise I would have been burdened with a double worry, one that I cannot sleep and the other that she cannot sleep.
When I am about to leave the house, I ask her if there is anything that needs to be done before I go. If she doesn’t need anything, then I leave. If she indicated that there was some work to do, I would remain behind and complete the chore. For example, If there was a letter to write to someone, then I would complete writing it before leaving the house. After meals if I felt like eating some *paan, I would ask her where the container with the paan is kept. She would point it out to me and I would take out the paan and help myself.
In present times the youngsters call their wives their life companions. What companionship are they talking about? Have they even fulfilled the rights of this companionship? This is mere lip service. Infact, instead of being their life companions they have distanced their wives because of their uncaring attitude. [misaali gharaana pg. 56]
May Allah Ta’ala enable us all to follow in the mubaarak footsteps of our noble master Sayyidinah Rasulullah and grant us the taufik and ability to be of assistance in our homes. Aameen.
* paan - An Indian, Pakistani and Southeast Asian tradition of chewing betel leaf (Wikipedia)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jangan Cemari Ayat 'Bismillah' di Kad Kahwin

KAJANG: Sikap sesetengah umat Islam memandang remeh ayat al-Quran yang ditulis di kad jemputan perkahwinan atau di cakera padat (CD) agama dengan meletakkannya di merata tempat secara tidak langsung melakukan penghinaan terhadap ayat suci itu. Walaupun hanya tertera kalimah Bismillah dalam bahasa Arab di kad jemputan perkahwinan maknanya tetap sama, sekali gus perlu mendapat penghormatan seperti kitab al-Quran dan jika mahu dilupuskan ia mesti melalui tertib tertentu.
Pengurus Percetakan Saufi yang menguruskan tempat pelupusan al-Quran, Rahmat Mahdan, berkata selain al-Quran, ada di kalangan umat Islam terlepas pandang petikan ayat suci itu yang ditulis di tempat lain seperti barang perhiasan, seramik, jam dinding, pinggan, sejadah atau kaset agama.

“Al-Quran ialah mukjizat yang diturunkan Allah kepada Rasulullah SAW, jadi dalam apa juga bentuk ia mesti dihormati dan dimuliakan kerana darjatnya yang tinggi."

“Misalnya dalam CD agama yang mengandungi bacaan al-Quran, sewajarnya ia dihormati sama seperti kitab, namun ramai di kalangan kita tidak mengambil berat soal ini sehingga dibuang atau diletakkan di tempat tidak sepatutnya. Kalau kad kahwin seeloknya ditulis terjemahan al-Quran bagi mengelak ia dibuang di merata tempat selepas habis kenduri,” katanya yang ditemui di Batu 9, Cheras, di sini, baru-baru ini.

Rahmat berkata, sejak mengusahakan tempat pelupusan al-Quran bersama ahli keluarga, dia bukan saja menerima kitab al-Quran sama ada uzur atau tersalah cetak, malah barang lain seperti ukiran kayu dan kulit kambing, kepingan kaca hiasan, kitab pengajian agama, buku teks, kad kahwin, kain, kaset, pita video dan CD mengandungi ayat al-Quran.

“Kesedaran perlu wujud di kalangan umat Islam mengenai perkara ini supaya kesucian ayat al-Quran terpelihara kerana dalam apa juga bentuk, maknanya tetap sama,” katanya.

Di sebalik tanggungjawab fardu kifayah yang dilaksanakannya itu, Rahmat kesal kerana ada pihak memandang hina tugas dilaksanakannya, malah disebabkan marah, kitab al-Quran turut mendapat penghinaan.

“Saya buka tempat ini tanpa mendapat pembiayaan mana-mana pihak, jadi apabila ada orang mahu menghantar al-Quran, saya meminta sumbangan untuk menggaji pekerja, membayar bil elektrik serta kos operasi lain, namun ada di kalangan mereka menganggap ia umpama menjual surat khabar lama di tempat kitar semula dan mengharap wang daripada saya.

“Menguruskan pelupusan kitab suci memerlukan tertib tertentu dan saya memerlukan sumbangan kewangan, tetapi disebabkan tidak mahu membayar ada yang memberi ‘kata dua’ supaya saya menerima al-Quran dibawa atau ia akan dicampak ke tengah jalan. “Ada juga yang meninggalkan kotak mengandungi kitab suci ini di depan pejabat tanpa pesanan atau akad semata-mata tidak mahu membayar kos operasi pelupusan,” katanya.

Menurutnya, tujuan dia membuka pusat pelupusan itu bukan untuk mengaut keuntungan sebaliknya rasa tanggungjawab selepas mendapati al-Quran dibuang sesuka hati di tempat kitar semula selain tidak mendapat penghormatan sewajarnya.

“Apabila ada orang yang menghantar kitab lama dan membuat sumbangan, kami akan memberi al-Quran baru sebagai menghargai mereka, namun masih ramai yang tidak faham usaha kami sehingga membuat tuduhan dan menghina kami, katanya.

Rahmat berharap jabatan agama Islam serta agensi berkaitan bekerjasama dengan pihaknya bagi memudahkan fardu kifayah itu dilaksanakan.

“Kerja ini dilakukan atas dasar tanggungjawab dan kami amat mengharapkan bantuan serta kerjasama pelbagai pihak,” katanya.

Lihat sumber untuk keterangan: Percetakan Saufi
* Nota saya:
Sebagai individu yang beragama Islam, kita memainkan peranan yang penting dalam hal pelupusan al-Qur'an ini. Sudah tentu sukar untuk kita pergi ke tempat pelupusan al-Quran yang terletak di Kuala Lumpur ini jika kita tinggal di suatu tempat yang jauh, dan naskah yang kita nak lupuskan itu  hanyalah 1 naskah atau beberapa helai kertas. Eloknya, kita lakukan sahaja sendiri. Caranya mudah, jika kita punyai naskah al-Qur'an lama atau helaian kertas yang mengandungi ayat suci al-Qur'an hatta kalimah Allah sahaja pun, dan kita tidak lagi menggunakannya, janganlah kita sewenang-wenangnya buang ke dalam tong sampah. Sebaliknya, kita harus bakar, kemudian buang abunya ke dalam air laut atau sungai. Atau cara kedua; balut naskah al-Quran itu dengan kain bersih, kemudian tanamnya di tempat yang tidak dipijak oleh orang ramai yang lalu lalang. InsyaAllah kita dapat pahala sebab beradab dengan al-Qur'an dan nama Allah. Wassalam

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Matematik Isteri Solehah (very interesting)

Good lineage


Now how is this for MATHS ?

Al Khawarizmi, a Muslim mathematician, was asked about the best woman,
He said : If a woman was pious and religious so she is = 1
If she was beautiful, so add a 0 to 1 = 10
If she was wealthy, so add another 0 = 100
And if she was from a good and known family, so add another 0 = 1000

But if "1" is gone then nothing remains but a bunch of zeros.

* Bijak tak bijak ahli Matematik Islam kita?