Monday, August 22, 2011

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I'm not telling you to waste your time, but perhaps you can use it as a stepping stone towards leaving the habit/hobby of reading romance novels, watching non-mahram men/ women over the television and listening to music. Whether it's K-Pop, J-Pop or any of those similar ones...........Really, I understand the feeling of being addicted to those influences and how difficult t is to stop, it requires a lot of effort and strong determination to stop watching and listening to music.

People tell me, you must listen to Quran, Asma'ul Husna, and Zikr, but trust me, how can you possibly skip the breast stroke basics of swimming and go straight to BUTTERFLY? When you erase a black colour, the black shade fades away to grey first, then to white (completely gone). It's not BLACK to WHITE in one step.

What I'm trying to say is, listening to any kind of music, Korean, Japanese, Lady Gaga or even Justin Bieber's is not Islamic, and against the Syariah (I'm not going to explain the dalils in this post, if you want, then InsyaAllah I'm more than happy and willing to explain). We have to try and break ourselves away from them slowly but surely, taking one step at a time.

This KJT (made my own short formed of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese) phenomena is a disaster to not just our Muslim youth, but the older generation too. It kills me to see so many and so many of my friends, and other people around me all over the places in Malaysia, so blinded by these people. So again, this website is not to waste our time, but to slowly draw ourselves out from this crazy craze. Maybe from watching too much dramas on You Tube or televisions, you switch to these comics first, then another step. Cute stories with good morals these comics have. And aren't those actors and actresses non mahram from whom we are supposed to lower our gazes?  Instead what we do is staring and admiring them too much?!


vanilla girls said...

how i wanna register to muslim manga...i've try several times but could not make it...:(
help pless!

Itminaan said...

Sorry for my delayed reply, I'm not a registered user on that website either, maybe you can try contacting them here :
and ask them if you can register?