Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daily Routine During Ramadhan

4:30 a.m - Tahajjud, Doa, Qur'an (1/2 Juzu')
5:00 a.m - Prepare for Sahur, Sahur, Wash dishes (basuh pinggan + kemas meja)
6:00 a.m - Subuh Solah, Qur'an (1 Juzu' and Yaseen)
7:00 a.m - Sleep
8:00 a.m - Wake Up, prepare for Tadarus
9:00 a.m - Tadarus at the Surau
12:30 p.m - Rest (Qailullah/Siesta)
1:20 p.m - Zohor Solah, Qur'an (1 Juzu')
2:15 p.m - FREE
4:30 p.m - Asar Solah
5:00 p.m- House chores
6:15 p.m - Prepare for Iftaar
7:15 p.m - Doa ( spend more time making dua, because the dua of a fasting person is not rejected by Allah)
              - Iftaar
7:45 p.m - Maghrib Solah
7:55 p.m - Ta'leem (Fadhai'l A'maal) / or any ilmi activity.
8:10 p.m - Surah Lazim (Al-Mulk and Al-Waqiah)
8:40 p.m - Isha' and Taraweeh solah ( try your best to perform 20 rakaats)
10:15 p.m - I normally finish around this time. But if I go out somewhere during the day, then at night I'm usually tired, so Taraweeh will finish a bit later.
10:30 p.m - Qur'an (1 Juzu')
11:00 p.m - Bed time

How do I encourage myself to perform 20 rakaat of taraweeh?

1- It's the reward. Lagi lama kita dalam solat, lagi banyak pahala InsyaAllah. Malaikat doa kan rahmah untuk seseorang itu selagi dia berada dalam solah di tempat solatnya (sejadah/masjid etc)
2- Malam Ramadhan dr lepas Isya' sampai sebelum Sahur tu ( lbh kurang 7 jam) dikhaskan untuk Ibadah, kita banyak sangat masa....Jadi gunalah dgn sebaiknya.

Taraweeh is one of the highlights of Ramadhan besides 'buka puasa'. We should be excited to perform taraweeh just as excited we are to break our fast....You know how excited everybody gets when it comes to buka puasa right? A tip to perform 20 rakaat of taraweeh is getting enough rest during the day. If you rest during the day with the intention to gain strength for solah during the night, then that rest also is rewarded!

Well, this is how I manage my time during Ramadhan (especially when it's holiday for me), as you can see, there's nothing work related activity in the schedule. If we lessen the time we spend to go shopping, internet and television, we should be able to read at least 3 Juzu's EVERYDAY. Completing one whole Qur'an twice in one month won't sound so impossible anymore right? Like I said, AT LEAST. The huffaz normally Complete the Qur'an more than 5 times and even more in this month alone. Subhanallah! I'm still very weak compare to these people, however we try our best according to our capability nah? Good luck everyone!

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