Monday, November 2, 2009

A Program for Muslimaat

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This program is exclusively hosted  for Muslimaat(sisters) by Madrasah Al-Hikmah. If you are fimiliar with this area in Subang Jaya, then make yourself available on this coming Sunday, 8th November 2009. No registration required, no entrance fee, absolutely free!
For program details, please refer to the invitation.
Some activities lined up for you:
Qur'an recitation
Qur'an tafseer
English lecture (Imaan)
English lecture (Love of Rasulullah SAW and Sunnah)
Arabic and English Nasyid
Sketch (Hijaab Ban)

Definately not to be missed!


sunshine said...

kassam..believe me whoever stay near to subang jaya should and should attend their shabaab..its good and ...........humm cant say much.u must go see it urself..
i wish i be there on taht sunday,

sunshine said... it called 'SHABAAB'??humm i must just rather say A PROGRAM FOR MUSLIMAAT ..

Itminaan90 said...

Jazakillah so much..
InsyaAllah, maybe the next time we do this program you should come.