Thursday, November 12, 2009


(This entry is for my personal reference)
I was checking up some hadith, and I started finding all these different kind of narrations from some kitaab i've never heard of the name before. Then i found out that those are hadith kitaab the Shia people use, so...I thought that I'd better be more careful.)


Stay Away.....
Hadith Kitaab:
Al Kafi, Wasailushia, Biharul Anwar, Kitab Al-Irshad, Nahjul Balaqa, 3'orol al hikam, Tuhaf al Uqool, Al Mawaaidh, Sifatushia, Lantern of The Path, Risalatul Huqooq, Fadhaail ul Shia, Al Jawahir wal Luali.

Doa' Kitaab:
Mafatihul Jinan, Sahifa al Sajjadiya, Sahifa al Alawiya, Sahifa Redhawiya, Udattud D'aee


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