Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blogging to Gain Benefit - Leave Your Comment!


Whenever I want to write something, or share any article or thoughts here, I always think "What should the title for this post be?" Trust me, sometimes it takes me longer to name the post than to write the actual entry!

Why do I take time in thinking of the title?

Firstly, because that's my method of preaching to thousands of people, the little knowledge I gained from learning and teaching.  If the title matches the curiosity which the people have in their mind, it would lead them to the articles. I want to preach what we need to know and should know. This is how I think : "What will make me search for this kind of article?" Based on this, I give the post it's title, hoping that the post would help the readers/visitors and also get some response from them.

For example, I am a person who is searching to know about the fatwa of the religious scholars in Malaysia on MuSiC. The keyword I'd type in the search engine would be "Pendapat Ulama' Mengenai Mendengar Musik" or I am a person who's really in doubt about some food, whether they are halal or haram, I'd use keywords like "Boleh ke Makan KFC?" Simply out of curiosity and the urge of finding the truth. Therefore, that's the title I'd give to the article@post. Do you get it?

But that's not the main focus here. I am actually wondering as why don't some of the important entries get the response/feedback I expected? Is it because the title is too serious? or simply because Malaysians don't like to have discussions on other than political issues or latest gossips in the entertainment industry?  I read many blogs by Malaysians and others. And I see the difference. Bloggers who speak about the latest gossips receive many responses from readers, but bloggers who speaks about general / religious knowledge/ other than the 2 mentioned above, don't receive that much of feedbacks.

I would love to get feedbacks on the entries, especially when it is something that Malaysians don't normally talk about, so I know whether you agree with me or not. If yes, why so, and if no, then too why so? And also, so that I could keep on posting things which people wanna know and discuss about!

Share your knowledge!

*for those who always responds to the post, I thank you for your comments*

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