Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Permanent Deletion Of Facebook- How??


Sekarang ni, sy tgh cuba untuk delete account facebook. Dapat encouragement from one of my friends actually. Dah lama nak delete, tapi tak berapa sure macam mana. So, my friend gave me all the information needed to permanently delete the account. So, i thought it might be beneficial to share with others here. 

Now...obviously, before deleting it, one should know the reason of doing so. Nanti ada pula yang tanya..."Kenapa delete account Facebook? Apa salahnya? Apa rasionalnya?"

Well, sebenarnya..makin ramai pengguna facebook yang dah delete account mereka. Semua orang makin sedar akan conspiracy, harm etc of facebook ni. And ada juga berita, blog dan bahan2 lain yang menceritakan tentang FACEBOOK ni. Baik dari segi kebaikan, atau keburukannya. So, I wont go in detail about it....Yang penting sekarang ni, sesiapa yang nak delete..silakan.. InsyaAllah kalau niyat baik..Allah akan bantu. Oh yes, and these methods I took it from :
That's all for now...Salam alayk..

2) Click "Submit" and follow the instructions.

Your account will be permanently deleted within a few days.This method is official and should be complete, i.e. no need to delete individual photos, comments, messages or items from your profile or anywhere else on Facebook!

Please note that I'm not a part of the Facebook team, and consequently cannot fix anything that's broken. If you are experiencing problems with the link above (or anything else concerning your account) your best bet is to contact Facebook directly using this form:

If someone has stolen your identity or if you are subject to any other form of "account abuse", try this form:

Why am I doing this?
Well...I figure this is my last chance to do something heroic. Some day I will be able to look back at my life and honestly say "You know son...once I was a true rebel!" :P Spread the word, invite all your friends!

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