Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh no, self centeredness!

What is self-centered?

- When someone only cares about themself. This can also be known as 'selfish'.

What is a self-centered person?

- A self centered person is:
  • Talks about themselves constantly.
  • Does not listen to others well nor cares to listen to what others have to say and makes no bones about it.
  • Self centered people can cut off a conversation they are having with another person and start talking about themselves.
  • They can be vain about their looks and are constantly looking at themselves in any reflection they can manage to get too, or, constantly preening themselves while the world flies by.
  • They take, but don't give back.
  • They may flirt even if they have a boyfriend or are married.
  • They constantly need reassurance about their looks.
  • If they don't get enough attention they will sulk.
  • Basically everything in society is about 'them.'

How do you handle a self centered person?

- always change the topic or ignore whenever they talk about themselves. Talk to more people and hint to them that they talk too much about themselves (in a nice way)

How do you change a self centered person?

a) Contrary to popular belief, self centered people are, in fact, MORE caring than MOST people. The reason that they seem distant is because people take advantage of them, so they focus inwardly, where it tends to be more comfortable. Because of this self reflection, they tend to realize their faults faster than others and they help others when nobody else is paying attention because they feel that everybody else is self centered. Accuse a self centered person of being uncaring or greedy, and I assure you, nine times out of ten, they will become angry with you. It's merely their way of telling you that YOU are self centered for not considering the fact that they are SECRETLY caring individuals and don't want to be stepped on. So, the nxt time you see a self centered person, ask yourself, "What do I need to change about myself?" 

b) If you accuse anyone of being uncaring and greedy, they will get angry. It doesn't prove anything. And if self-centered people were secretly caring and generous, then by definition they would not be self-centered. This theory is honestly one of the most bizarre and convoluted I have ever come across.
As to the question, people do change, but usually self-improvement comes from within. You can't make a person change; they have to come to the realization that they need to change on their own.

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