Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Radio Islam International (South Africa)

Catch these Programmes on Radio Islam International... (
Monday-Sunday Programmes:
2:30 pm : Islamic Discussions
3:05 pm:  Basic Fiqh (monday)
                 Islamic Business Rulings (tuesday)
                 Aqeedah (wednesday)
                Social Issues in Islam (thursday)
                Nasihah (friday)
4:05 pm: Major Sins (wednesday)
5:30 pm: Shafie Fiqh (sunday)
7:05 pm: Butterfly Corner (children themed)
8:05 pm: Iqra' Dawah (friday)
9:05 pm:  Aqaaid (monday)
                 Arabic (tuesday)
                 Masaail for women (wednesday)
                Aqaaid (thursday)
                Hadith (friday)
10:00 pm:  Deenagers - youth themed (saturday)
10:30 pm:  Islamic Discussions
11:15 pm:  Daily Ulama Nasihat
11:30 pm:  Islamic Discussions
12:00 am: Nasyid Hour


Yuana said...

interesting-thanks 4 sharing.
when is ur exam?

Itminaan90 said...

Assalamualaikum Sister,

Jazakillah for following the updates here (they're moving really slow, don't u think so?)

Final exam's in December.

Yuana said...


all the best for the coming final exam.

ive tried to open it once but failed. will try it again, later.