Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hand Shaking Between Non Mahram Men and Women

Hand shaking :
You have to learn the tricks of the trade!

1. Kind of hang around at the back of the meeting before people shake hands and sit down quickly.

2. The old 'hello...whoops my shoe lace is untied'.

3. My hands are full of folders and stuff...

4. Keep a plaster on you (that's a band aid for all you yanks).

5. Let everyone see you just before the meeting and then go 'to the bathroom' just before the meeting starts and come in a few minutes late.

6. Learn some elite NLP skills and say something which causes cognitive dissonance! I have to really work on this one, it might sort all our hand shaking problems out. LOL

7. Be straight up "Sorry I'm not allowed to shake hands with you" Then explain everything in the next twenty minutes. This is the hardest. But if you have the gift of the gab then go for it.

8. Superwoman. Sorry you can't avoid this one. She's so quick, she shoves her hand in yours before you know what's happened your neural pathway is activated and kicks in and you give salaam! Then you realise what you just done.

9. Weak boy. Shake hands and make taubah later. No comment required.

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