Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Allah's Power

*This was a forwarded email by one of my friends.

This is not a co incidence. I have one more example regarding Allah’s power. Last year Muslims decided to boycott Danish products because a Danish Newspaper printed cartoons of our Prophet (PBUH). To support the Danish government, ALL European countries reprinted the cartoons on the same day as if to say “You can ruin the Danish economy by boycotting Danish products. Now try and hurt all our economies if you can.” After that a deep economic crisis occurred where the economies of all these countries were in trouble.
Allah Akbar. Nothing can match the power of Allah.

Assalaam wa-alekum

few months ago, the Western countries made fun of the niqaab (Islamic Burqa/Veil).

France President Sarcossy had issued a ban on the Viel(Niqaab)

And what’s happening today??

Entire world is wearing niqaab



Allah hu Akbar

Is such a sudden attack of swine flu a coincidence?

No way.

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