Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Online Islamic Lectures

Bi Ismihi Ta'ala......


Alhamdulillah, lega rasanya sekarang bila students dah mula exam. Kertas-kertas soalan semua dah siap. Cuma tinggal jawab and marking je.. Lama ana tak update apa-apa di blog sebab nak prepare untuk exam ni... InsyaAllah, sekarang mungkin ada masa sikit untuk post entry. 
 As for today, I'm not going to post any article, coz I haven't read anything yet. InsyaAllah when I do read, I will share that with all....

But....There's this one thing I want to share with you all.... I found this website for bayaan (Islamic talk @ ceramah). A very gooood one InsyaAllah. You know, listening to bayaan helps us A LOT! Especially, when we are feeling down, when we feel like we are far away from Allah, feeling sad but we don't know what the reason is.....etc. 

Now....I'm not talking about a normal motivational or intellectual ceramah that we always hear at programs, schools or universities. Here I'm talking about an Islamic, spiritual, Imaan re-charging talk by various pious and reliable scholars from all around the world like South Africa, England, America, India and Pakistaan etc. InsyaAllah, after listening to these talks, our Imaan will increase, our love for Allah will increase, our love for Nabi SAW will increase and our love for Islam will deepen. 

Here's the link :
  1. Tauheed & Sunnats
  2.  Audible Wisdom
 A heart of a mu'min becomes delighted when the name of Allah Ta'alaa is mentioned, when the verses of the Qura'an are read, it trembles out of reverence and fear, and tears will flow from his eyes....

Ya Allah, make us among  those who are sincere in their actions, Ameen....

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