Sunday, June 27, 2010

Easy Good Deeds (2)


11. Go to at least one convention/conference/camp a year.

12. Perform the sunnah and nawafil salahs as much as possible. Find time to pray extras, such as Salatud-Duhaa, Qiyaamul-layl, and Tahajjud.

13. Subscribe to a Muslim magazine.

14. Buy Islamic gear instead of the latest Tommy Hil, CK, Nike, or Adidas...

15. Take the time to understand what's going on in the Muslim world today. Do your part to get involved and help relief organizations. 

16. Try to fast Mondays and Thursdays as of today.

17. Lower your gaze.

18. Start reading Qur'an after Salat-ul Fajr.

19. Go to bed early so that you can wake up far Salat-ul Fajr.

20. Keep yourself in a state of wudu' most of the time.

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