Thursday, December 25, 2008

Do We Really Understand What Nasyeed is?

Nasheed, Anasheed, Islamic Songs
Nasheeds are poems relating to Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Islam, Parents, virtues, good deeds and similar virtuous topics. They are sung without instruments.

Nasheeds today
There is a huge misunderstanding about Nasheeds where todays western cultures have transformed Nasheeds to a pop type culture with Muslim boy bands and screaming girls in scarves. This is not Nasheeds and it is definitely not Islam.

Many Nasheeds also have words of Shirk which can lead a person to Kufr.

Nasheeds must not be sang in the tunes of songs as it can remind a person of the song, singer, actor, actress or the film and can lead them back to old ways. According to some Ulamaa, this method is Haraam
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