Monday, December 15, 2008

Ideal Mother

My Beloved Son Ali ,

Our duas are with you. I have not received a single letter from you as yet. Daily I await your letter. Since you have not written, I am now forced to write to you. Please inform me of your condotions as soon as possible.

I had always hoped that you do not pursue secular education, but contrary to my hope, you have also pursued this path and now you have to work extra hard to accommadate this as well. Nonetheless, we hope everything turns out for the best.This is also the wisdom of Allah Ta'ala provided it is coupled with your istikharah in this matter.

I have no inclination whatsoever towards secular education. In fact, I have an aversion towards it. However, I accept whatever makes you happy.

The condition of the world are frightening. People pursuing Arabic( Islamic knowledge) are floundering in their beliefs, so you can very well imagine the condition of those pursuing secular education.

People are of the opinion that students of secular knowledge are aquiring some status or the other. They feel that they can become a deputy,a judge or at least an attorney or barrister. However I'm totally opposed to this. I regard people who pursue secular knowledge as ignorant and the knowledge it self is useless. Especially in these times.

Do you know what knowledge is required??

Everyone can achieve status. Who is deprived of some status or the other? You should acquire that which is presently rare and is not being pursued by everyone. You should pursue that knowledge for which the eyes water in aspiration, for which the ears stand up in longing and knowledge that the heart yearns for. Such knowledge should be pursued but this is very rare.

Alas! We are living in such times. Do not be fooled by anyone. If u want to acquire the pleasure of Allah Taa'la , look at those who passed their entire lives in the pursuit of religious knowledge. What status did they enjoy? Look at the status of Shah Waliyullah, Khajah Ahmed Sahib and Moulana Muhammad Amin Sahib Marhum whose lives and death were something to be envied. What status they enjoyed in this life and with what grandeur did they leave this world?

How can u achieve this status? There are many in our own family and there will be more in the future also, those who have gained name and fame through secular education, but not the status of the aforementioned saints. These saints had no inclination towards secular education. As far as secular education is concerned, they were ignorant. How and why did they still achieve such high rank???

If I have 100 children, I would issued each one of them with the same instuctions. Now u are the only child left. May Allah Ta'ala grant me the blessings of this sincere intention by making me achieve the virtues of the one hundred children through u alone. And may He make me successful in both the world and the hereafter, and a woman of reputable character and a woman with many virtuous children. Ameen!

** Dipetik dari kitab IDEAL MOTHER karangan Moulana Muhammad Hanif Abdul Majid dan diterjemah oleh Mufti Muhammad Kadwa.

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